Friday, September 3, 2010

Preparing for a storm

It is Friday afternoon and over the past hour or so, the sky has started getting a little dark and the wind has picked up. Tyson and Jori are outside right now eager for the storm to start. Normally, they are both a bit wary of the possible thunder and lightning that might accompany a storm, but not today. Today they are preparing to ride out the storm in their umbrella fort.
The Umbrella Fort

They have been out working on their fort for about 45 minutes.In order to ensure that the umbrella, which is basically the whole fort, does not blow away, they have been busy rigging up a little system to keep it in place.
The rigging system
Our budding engineers

There is one piece of rope, a stick, a 2x4, a paint can (full of old paint and cat litter), a paint roller, and a garbage can. I don't think that umbrella is going anywhere!

Sibling revelry
There is nothing that makes my heart happier than when my kids show love to each other and enjoy being in each others company. I am thankful that these two have been becoming closer and closer to each other.Their bond will serve them well when future storms come, weather related or not.


pjvs said...

Does anyone but the two grandmas love "Preparing for a storm"?? Karen, are you proud of those kids and their parents as well? God is GOOD. Gladie Rouwenhorst who died at 36 wrote this song. When the storm rolls. When the storm rolls all about.HE is strong, when I am weak. By His might He holds me tight. When the storm rolls. When the storm rolls all about. Jonna your dad teaches that to Story Hour kids.

retha said...

How good that their imaginations can help them through something they do not like. Maybe I must use more of that too in such situations

Anonymous said...

Yes, Willie, we are so proud of who they have become, such precious ones, Tyson and Jorin! But also their parents - God has much in store for their future, Lord willing. What a blessing they will be to those around them in SA!

Anonymous said...

Seriously...who needs the toys we all have...give the kids an umbrella and a few things out of the garage and their set! Love it! JRJJR