Thursday, September 23, 2010

More new clothes for me

Today Jori and I did a little shopping. Since we've decided to move to South Africa, I've been trying to pare down my wardrobe to save on luggage space. However, when I talk to other Americans who live in or have lived in South Africa, they tell me I should be stocking up on a few things as I can buy things for a lot less money in the states. So today I did just that! Jori and I left the house around 10:30 and 6 stores and just under $28 later, we came home with the following items.

First, from the Goodwill store in Jenison I picked up the following shirts for $12.57
Brown flowers to match my new brown pants-$3.29

Navy shirt-not quite 3/4 length sleeve-$3.29

Green and white striped- $3.29

Plain red tee-$1.99
I found these 5 tops at the Salvation Army in Kentwood, on 28th across from Sam's Club, for $14.79.

To wear with my brown pants-$1.99
 I have been looking for a brown cardigan to wear with a dress I bought earlier this summer (kind of like all the shirts I had to buy to go with my brown pants). I didn't think this would fit me because it was a large, but the price was right, so I think it is going to work out just fine.


Brown shirt with buttons at the top-$3.99

Brown and beige stripe (also goes with my brown pants)-$1.99

Love "Hoo" you are-$1.99
 And here are my new brown pants. I picked these up a few weeks ago at The Hive in Holland. I think they were just under $10. I do not really know why I bought them because I did not have anything to wear with brown pants. Now I do.  

Comfy brown pants-$10

 So, if I add in the cost of the pants, I spent just under $40 for 10 items! Go me!


retha said...

With exchange rate about seven rand to the dollar your 40 will be R280 (in case your calculator is not working ;o)
If you are looking for clothes that will last a while you might be able to get two shirts for that money.

Yes, all those people are right. Buy what ever clothes you can. In fact buy what ever you can transport.

jonna said...

Thank you for letting me know, Retha! That gives me a good reason to go shopping again : ) It is a good thing I am not really a shopaholic-I actually do not really like shopping, but I do like saving money!

Anonymous said...

LOVE all your new clothes! You go girl! JRJJR