Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of First Grade

 We now have a 1st grader in the house! Yesterday Tyson eagerly headed back to school. He kept saying "Mom, is it time to go yet?" and was so excited to head out the door to his first day of first grade.
Tyson in front of his school
We met Tyson's teacher last week at a back to school event, and we are looking forward to getting to know her better this year. She is a literacy specialist, which is great because our boy LOVES to read and we hope that Mrs. Faraci will foster that love and help it to grow!
Tyson and Mrs. Faraci

Tyson standing under his star
 I was so excited to see the bus come down the road. I couldn't wait to hear how Tyson's first day had been!
The bus

Home again, home again
When I asked Tyson how the day had been, he gave me a thumbs up sign. He said he loved lunch and snack time, he thinks his teacher is really nice, and sometime they are going to do science and make GOO. How exciting!
Looks like someone had a GREAT day
It was easy to see that he had a great day and he was eager to head back again this morning. We are so thankful that Tyson loves to learn and goes off to school with a smile on his face.
The "traditional" first day of school pic, taken after school

Our first grader
Thank you, God, for a great first day of school!


Anonymous said...

Look at that handsome young man!! We are so proud of you Tyson and we hope that you have a great time in 1st grade! We can remember so well when you were born and now you are a 1st grader already! We love you, Tyson!

Grandma Karen

retha said...

A very good idea to meet the teacher before school starts.