Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jori's First Field trip!

Listening to Mrs. Wells
On Wednesday, Jori had her very first field trip to Wells Orchard. She was so excited about her field trip and made sure she reminded Tyson many times that she was going to be doing something special. Tyson did steal a little bit of her thunder, because his school ended up not having power on Wednesday so he got to go along to Bible study with Miss Whitney and Amelia, which made his sis a little jealous!
In the apple store
Once the actual field trip got started, Jori was not so excited. It was wet and there was a lot of walking and looking at different types of apples. There was a lot of whining from a lot of kids, and Jori was no exception! Four year olds have very short attention spans!

Can we go home?
 At the end of the field trip things got a bit better. All the kids sang the apple song (video below), which Jori had been practicing at home, so she was back to her smiley self.

Singing the apple song
 Then it was time for a little snack-donut holes and apple cider! That was the best part of the day for Jori.
Eating a donut and drinking apple cider!

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Anonymous said...

Tell Jori I taught the Story Hour kids her apple song yesterday. They liked it