Thursday, September 16, 2010

Papa's visit-September 2010

Papa John came out to Michigan for a meeting and then extended his stay by a couple nights so he could spend time with his us! Tyson and Jori have been eagerly looking forward to Papa's visit and they were not disappointed!
Jori and Lily Rose
Even though Gram wasn't along, she sent some pretty fun presents with Papa. Jori was so excited to get a new "Barb" (Barbie) and Tyson got a chapter book, which was a very big deal. He also got some money for hot lunches and is eager to use it up!
Tyson and his book
On Tuesday, after meeting Tyson at the bus, Papa and the kids headed down the path. They were going to feed the fish, but were side tracked by the sandy hill. When they came home they were very happy, but very dirty. After some quick baths, we had dinner, then spent some time reading and playing with Papa before bed. 

Ice Cream Alley!
 Wednesday Papa walked Tyson to the bus, then came along with me to drop Jori off at her first official day of preschool. After that he dropped me off at church for Bible study. I hitched a ride home with a friend because Jori wanted only Papa to pick her up from preschool. (She had a great first day!) Papa and Jori spent a lot of time outside tracking down monarch butterflies. Then after meeting Tyson at the bus, we headed to the bowling alley. Tyson and Jori had fun showing Pop how they bowl, and Papa was on a roll, a turkey (3 strikes in a row) a bunch of spares and almost another turkey at the end. When we got home Darin was there. Pop took the kids back out on the path for a while and then it was time for pancakes, bacon and strawberries. Soon after that, we headed back to the bowling alley for ice cream!
Thanks for the ice cream Papa!

Mmm. Cherry.

 This morning Papa and Tyson were up at 6:30. When I came down at 7, Papa had coffee made, and the kids were eating breakfast. Then Papa read more of the firefighter book to Tyson, which made Jori pout for a while. After all, shouldn't she always be the center of attention? Ha.
Reading with pop

Pouting because Pop isn't reading to her
We took Papa to the airport and as we were pulling away from the curb, both kids were already saying "I miss Papa so much". I felt the same way. Thanks, Dad, for spending some extra time with us in Hudsonville. We love it when you have meetings in Michigan and are going to miss having you visit us when we move to South Africa. We know that you will come out there too, but it just won't be quite as often! Gram, thanks for sharing your main man with us. We loved having him and can't wait to see you in October!!

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retha said...

What a privileged to have a grandfather wanting to be with his grandchildren!
Just as good to see they enjoy him too.