Monday, July 27, 2009

Rite Aid with my mom

My mom and dad have been visiting from Washington. My mom is the coupon queen. When I last saw her in MN, she told everyone that I am still spending way too much money and have a lot to learn, so this was her opportunity to teach me.

We went to Rite Aid today after picking up our rebate book on Saturday night. My mom went through the book with me and circled all the stuff she thought I could get for free or close to it. The we went through the ad and matched up some coupons.

Here are my purchases:

I spent just over $12, which may still seem like a lot of money. However, do you see the Neutrogena bronzing powder?? That little compact retails for $12.49. It's almost like all the other stuff (vitamins, Kotex, 2 shampoos and a hairspray, shaver, and more Neutrogena stuff) was totally free!

I think I will enjoy shopping at Rite Aid in the future, at night, with no kids. Just me and my rebate book. Good times.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good-bye peeper, hello big girl bed

Jori has had a big week. On Sunday morning she brought Darin her peeper (pacifier) and told him to throw it away. We've been telling her for about a month that after she turned three and was all done with Evan and Jordan's wedding, she couldn't have her peep anymore. Let's hope she always follows directions so well! Darin didn't throw it away, but Sunday night we put her to bed without her peep. It was not the best bedtime ever. Over the last 3 years she has maybe climbed out of her crib twice. Sunday night she climbed out 4-5 times. You can't really blame her because not having her peeper threw off her whole sleeping routine.

Monday at nap time she asked for her peep again. Same thing Monday night, Tuesday nap and Tuesday night. Last night she DID NOT ask for her peep! Maybe that's because last night her routine was thrown off again because we moved her to a big girl bed. It wasn't so much a move as a dismantling of her crib.

She was so tired from not having a nap that she fell right asleep. When we checked on the kids before we went to bed, Darin took a picture of her. It sure makes her seem older.

She didn't ask for her peeper at all today, so we'll see how it goes tonight. This morning I clipped the strings on Tyson's blanky tag and by this afternoon he had sucked it off (he doesn't usually have his blanky during the day, but they both have colds and are kind of crabby). I told him it isn't getting sewn back on and he didn't make too much of a fuss. I am guessing it might be a different story at bedtime tonight.

A kind of funny side note is that last night BOTH kids fell out of bed. First we heard a body hit the floor around 11. Of course, we thought it was Jori so Darin ran in there first, but it was Tyson. We can't remember him ever falling out of bed before. Then, sometime early this morning, Jori fell out of bed. Poor kid. We are hoping it goes more smoothly tonight.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Minnesota-Part two

The morning after the wedding, we headed off to Waterville, MN to Kamp Dells for a family reunion. Every three years the Gorter's get together (Darin's moms side) for a few days of fun. This time we had a whole week of togetherness. Perhaps that is why Mafia became our most favorite game. If you ever get a chance to play with Darin, DON'T! Even I couldn't ever tell if he was lying and it seemed like all the other spouses could get some sort of a read on their significant other.

Tyson and Jori had so much fun. Other than the big, somewhat busy road that ran right in front of our cabin and the lake on the other side of the road that our kids were always wanting to go by, we felt the area was safe enough to let them run off on their own or with their cousins. Thankfully there were a couple older kids around as well who were willing to take them to the playground or petting zoo. Thanks Kyla and Lindsey!

Here's Jori and Brooklynn at the petting zoo.
Kamp Dells had a really nice swimming pool and kids pool/splash pad. Grandma Karen gave Tyson a floatie for his birthday and he had so much fun jumping off the diving board and swimming.
Jori also had fun in the water. It was fun seeing her and "Vay Vay" play together. (That's Jori's special nickname for her cousin, Nevaeh).

The last day we were there, Darin's aunt Leah rented a couple ponies so the kids could go on pony rides. Tyson thought it was AWESOME. Jori, not so much.
We had a wonderful time and are so thankful for the safe trips we had out there and back. Here's one final picture of Tyson and Darin at a gas station that had a giant dinosaur at the entrance. Tyson REALLY wanted to get out to touch it.
I'll also be posting more reunion pics after I sort through our photos and get some more from other family members. We also took some videos that we'll post to YouTube. You'll just have to check back in a few days (or weeks) for the links.

Minnesota-Part one

On Saturday night, we returned from a very busy, but super fun, time in Minnesota. The kids and I had been gone for 2 weeks, and Darin for a little over a week. I am so glad I was able to go down early to help with some of the stuff for Evan and Jordan's wedding. Tyson and Jori had a great time going to the pool, visiting cousins and having a fun birthday party with lots of family.

I am a horrible picture taker and am hoping Daci and LaShawn post some pics soon so that I can download them to an album. For now I will just share a couple pics of Tyson and Jori the day of the wedding and my handsome husband and myself after the reception. (Most of our pics are dark and fuzzy, which is really disappointing.

Here's our beautiful princess. Thankfully my sister in law is way better at doing hair than I am!
Tyson, looking so handsome in his tux.
Darin and me after a very fun night of eating, dancing, and spending time with family.
We are so thankful we could share in such a special occasion with Evan and Jordan. I'll post a picture of them once I get a good one from someone else. I'll also post a link to an album soon of all the pictures from the wedding.