Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I thought we had been doing a pretty good job explaining to the kids why we are moving to South Africa. However, today when their friend Jenna asked them this very question, I found out we might have a little more explaining to do. Jori's answer was "We are going to Bela Bela, because they have a swimming pool there. When we were there last time we lived there for a few days and we are going to live there again." Did we stay at Bela Bela in 2008? Yes we did, and you can read about it here. However, we didn't live there and we are not  moving to South Africa to go swimming at Bela Bela.

Tyson didn't really give an answer to why we are moving, but when Jenna said "I hope you can give stuff to the poor people there" his response was "There aren't any poor people there." When I reminded him of Mama Cathrine, he said "We gave her stuff last time." He then went on to say "I am NOT giving anyone any of my toys or any of my clothes".

It is both interesting and heartbreaking to hear what the kids have to say about our upcoming move. There are times when they seem excited about going, but they both have some definite anxiety about the changes ahead. It is good to hear them put some of their thoughts into words so that we know what's going on in their heads. 

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retha said...

At least she knows there is definitely one swimming pool in the African bush, does she remember it is a hot pool.

Interesting and true! Some people are seen by others as poor but see themselves differently. Then there are those who want everyone to see them as poor.