Monday, September 27, 2010

The History of the Vending Machines

Many, many years ago, Darin decided it would be fun to start a vending business. He was working at Innotec and figured that he could do a better job than the people who had been providing candy and chips for Innotec's employees. Not only did he do a better job, but over the next several years he grew his little "hobby" into a small business, a family business if you will.

Not only did Tyson join the business at a young age, but he was also used in "promotional materials" to market our vending dynasty. Not really, but we did stick him in front of boxes of candy and chips for a totally sweet Christmas picture!

 There were a couple years where Darin thought Tyson needed to stay home and "mature", but ever since he was 4, he has been his daddy's right hand man. "Vending", as our sweet boy calls it, has been a weekly tradition for Darin and Tyson. As with all good things, this too had to come to an end. With our upcoming move to South Africa, we needed to sell the machines for logistical reasons (we cannot fill the machines from where we'll be living) and we were also getting to a place where we needed some money for our upcoming business venture.

Selling the vending machines has been really sad for Tyson, and Darin and I have been sad for him as well. This weekly daddy/son time has been so special for Darin and Tyson. Darin has loved seeing Tyson learn to help him by opening the doors or flipping on the lights or just keeping him company. Tyson knows little things about all of the different buildings that house the vending machines. He knows where gloves are in every building, a very important detail for him! Sometimes Jori and I would go along and I loved listening to his commentary as he told Jori what they could play with or how to help daddy  at each location.

Here are some pictures from one of the last vending runs.
Filling up the machine
My hard working men
Finding some gloves
Our favorite vending helper

Waving to cars on Washington

Here is a little video where Tyson tells you, in his own words, how he feels about the vending machines.

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