Thursday, September 9, 2010

Telling the kids

Last week we told the kids that we were moving. We didn't say where we were going to, just that a sign would be in our yard and that we needed to start keeping the house clean. This afternoon the for sale sign went up in the yard and we decided it might be best to tell Tyson and Jori the whole story instead of taking a chance that they might hear the news from someone else.

Let's just say it went way better than Darin or I expected. Jori ran around saying "South Africa, hooray!" and "Yay, South Africa" over and over and over. Tyson was a little apprehensive, but most of his worries were about the moving van getting our things to Africa and then some confusion about Grandpa Rick driving a moving van. After that, he seemed pretty happy as well, especially after we talked about getting a DOG!

So, I am glad that the kids know and seem excited, although I am sure there will be moments of anger and fear as well. I've been there and I'm supposed to be one of the grown-ups that has it all together! We still have no definite plans, but as we told the kids, God already knows when we'll move and we don't need to worry about it.

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