Monday, September 6, 2010


On Saturday we took the kids bowling. I had taken them earlier in the week, but was so glad Darin could go along to see our kids and their mad bowling skills.

Jori would definitely be the winner of the "slowest ball" award. It is amazing that the ball even makes it all the way down the lane. In fact, when just the kids and I went bowling, her ball actually rolled back towards us because it was moving so slowly.
Will this one make it all the way down the lane?

Yes! I got two pins

However, what she lacks in speed, she makes up for in exuberance! She is a very vocal bowler and is full of "woo-hoos" and a lot of yesses, "YES!". She is excited if she knocks over 1 pin or a whole bunch. She loves "washing" her hands with the little air blower and is very fond of telling her brother "Tyson, you need to wash your hands before you bowl" with an air of superiority in her voice.

Check out the sweatband on his wrist!
Tyson is a very different bowler. He has a need for speed. However, his "powerful" throws are often a little misguided and have gone down other lanes and gotten stuck between the gutter guard and the edge of the lane. Apparently, having Darin with us tamed some of the wildness as Tyson managed to keep the ball in the lane every time he threw the ball, and I do mean THREW.

Trying to encourage the ball as it goes down the lane
He tends to be a little more quiet than his sister and was more concerned about having the highest score and knocking down lots of pins. He spent a lot of time laying on the ground, talking to his ball as it rolled down the lane. He did get a strike and a spare, so he is doing something right!

We love having a bowling alley right in our back yard! Not only do they have excellent ice cream treats (mmm, grasshopper flurries), but watching the kids bowl is a wonderful source of entertainment!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what good bowlers! It was fun watching you from Minnesota! Love ya!

retha said...

Grasshopper flurries!?

So good to see how different people are. It always amaze me to see at how an early age one can see the difference in children of the same household. Indeed we have been created wonderfully.