Friday, October 1, 2010

Crafty Fun!

So, I have a lot rolling around in my head right now. Like more than I really know what to do with. However, instead of writing about some stuff that I should probably deal with in the not so distant future, I am going to write about something much happier instead.

Guess what time it is?? It's CRAFTY TIME! Tomorrow I get to join a couple friends for food, fellowship and sewing fun! Remember Tyson's quilt? If not, you should click on the link and go check out the pics from my last adventure into creativity. Now it's time for Jori to benefit from her mom's crafty side. I have been checking out a few on line sewing sites and have big ideas for these two beauties:

Jori and Charity 

Yes, I am going to tackle sewing clothes, which will be challenging, but I am hoping it will produce some fun results! If you never see a follow up post, then you can just assume it was a horrible, disastrous failure. Hopefully Jori and Charity will soon have a few matching outfits to wear both here and abroad!

Now I will show you the fabrics I've picked out and include some links to sites that show what I HOPE to do with them!

First, I am hoping to make a dress like this one out of a shirt I picked up at Goodwill. Thanks to the helpful lady at Fields Fabric (who are having a sale on Amy Butler fabric until October 11!) I also picked up some fun "trim" to lighten things up.
Shirt and trim
I am also hoping to make a circle skirt similar to this one, but I want to cover the elastic. Tonight I need my dear husband to help me make the pattern for this skirt. Sewing involves math skills, something I am seriously (SERIOUSLY) lacking and Darin has in abundance.
Butterfly fabric for Circle skirt
Once I feel a bit more confident about my clothes making abilities, I hope to tackle the next two projects. First is the Double Layer Skirt. I just loved the flower fabric and think I did a good job of picking a coordinating fabric to go with it.

Double Layer Skirt
Next we have something that seems so far beyond where my sewing skills will ever be that I am not even sure why I bought the fabric to someday try and make it! I give you the Apron Knot Dress. I actually found a tutorial to make this dress on the same site as the Double Layer Skirt, but the ones shown in the link are just so much sweeter! 
Apron Knot Dress
Seeing as I don't actually own a sewing machine, it is going to take me a long time to get any of these projects started, let alone finished! Thankfully I have very generous, patient, super-crafty friends that are willing to share their talents (and machines!) with me. I will say that going to the fabric store is kind of addicting. If we weren't moving, I might even try to get Darin to see the need for me to have a sewing machine : ) I have actually looked on-line at Makro, a store in South Africa, to see how much a sewing machine would cost, but that would not be a "necessity" for setting up house, so I will just have to pray for a crafty, sewing machine owning friend in South Africa as well!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Mama!! Sure looks like some fun projects- although I will let you do the sewing for the both of us! lol What CUTE patterns you found!! I love all of them and can't wait to see miss Jori modeling the finished products! Hope you have fun making them! :)

Anonymous said...

OK this is WAY to crafty...what have you done with my best friend??? JRJJR