Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tyson's second week of school

Tyson is loving school! This week, in addition to having school on Tuesday and Thursday, he gets to go on Friday as well. I think we will BOTH look forward to the weeks when he gets to go three days.

This week Tyson made a new friend, Kaitlyn. I couldn't even count the number of times today (since 4 pm) that he said "I promise, Kaitlyn is NOT my girlfriend". I asked him "who said that she was your girlfriend?" and he said "No one, but she is NOT my girlfriend, I promise". I just tucked him in and as I was walking out he said "I am going to talk about Kaitlyn in my bed. She is my best friend". He is now singing "Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn..." to the tune of 1 little, 2 little, 3 little indians. Kaitlyn is in the other kindergarten class, but they play together at recess. "Kaitlyn says 'There you are Tyson!' when I come outside". We are so thankful that he has already made a special friend.

After getting off the bus today he told me to look at his ear. I did and was not sure what I was looking for. "It's perminal marker" he said. Apparently he accidentally wrote on his ear with permanent marker during art. I so love my boy!

Tomorrow is computer day! Tuesday is library day and this week Tyson checked out a Batman book, which he gets to keep for one week. I have the whole story line memorized and it's only Thursday. Each day Tyson has 2 "specials", either music, art or gym. The most amazing thing to him is that he has 3 recesses every day. "Why do I have three recesses every day? THREE. Did you know I have 3 recesses every day? I have recess when I get off the bus, after snack AND after lunch." The first one isn't technically a recess, but I'm not going to tell him that and ruin his joy.

So, he just came out to tell me the "Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill. One named Jack, one named Jill" poem thing. He is going to change it to Tyson and Kaitlyn and tell it to her tomorrow. He is now practicing in his room. How cute is he???

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