Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New clothes for Jori

I know I eventually need to go back and fill in some posts that are missing, but that'll have to wait. My precious little girl has been so blessed to have cousins and friends that love to share clothes with her. Truly, being able to use other people's clothes is a huge blessing and also just plain smart! Every once in a while I pick something up for Jori, but it is usually at a garage sale. A quarter here, fifty cents there.
Well today, Jori got some new duds! I actually picked the first batch up yesterday at Carters, realized I had grabbed the wrong sizes on a couple items, and needed to bring them back today. However, before bringing them back I stopped at Target. Uh oh!! Let me just show you what I started with and what is still in our house right now.
Here are the Carters clothes. 2 pack leggings ($10) shirt ($10) BOTH the wrong size. The other item is a dress that is WAY cuter than what this pic shows. It was more than $10.

Here are my Target finds. 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants-$3.50 each. Brown dress-$9. Is she not the CUTEST!!!

Here's my dilemma. I REALLY want to keep the Carters dress, but I can get ALL of the Target stuff for a little more than that one dress. And if I keep the Carters dress, I need to get some tights as well, which set my back $9!! I am so not a spender that it is causing me some grief. I already brought back the other stuff from Carters, but kept the dress and bought the tights.
Stress!! Really, if you had seen me at either of these stores I was pretty frazzled. So we'll see what happens. I am REALLY hoping someone has a cute pair of shoes she can wear with the dress or dresses so I don't have to go out an buy those too. Otherwise I might just have to bring it all back : )


Victoria Haveman said...

The rational side of me says keep the target clothes and take back the carters dress, besides that dress will probably be on sale at the store in 2 months or less. IF you keep the dress I say you must have a picture taken of her in it, like a hang on the wall type photo or family photo. That can help justify the price. But still I have spent extra because of love of an outfit and found that maybe it wasn't all worth it. You did look frazzled at Target today. :) I hope things help

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could take back the carter's shirt since you have the 3 from target and keep the carter's dress. Couldn't she wear either of those leggings with the dress. Definitely keep the target shirts and tops. We had fun at the zoo today, it's nice to have a busy day!

Michelle B said...

She is just stinkin' adorable in anything! I love her poses! Great finds! And a girl does need a special dress - stick with the splurge! I have a discount coupon you could use after the middle of the month if you want to return the clothes and go back after the 14th - it's $10 off a $35 purchase so you can get more clothes for the same price ;)

jonna said...

I did already take back the leggings and shirt from Carters. I'm going to hang on to the dress and tights for a couple weeks. Maybe I'll find something else, maybe I won't!

pjvs said...

Jonna KEEP the dress-it is so cute and the brown will fit her yet for two years :) So that is a real buy!!
Get the adorable hat that laShawn is going to make.
Quit stressing and enjoy the shopping ride. Be wise but don't think you cannot buy a NEW dress once in a while. The gil is a doll. Love ya Mom

Sarah said...

I love that dress! I'd love to hang out with you this week, even if we just sit and do nothing.