Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deals of the week

So, I have been laying off of Rite Aid lately, because the one by my house causes me undo stress. There are a few cashiers there who seem to not really care about all the coupons and such-they just ring them up, give me my receipt and I leave. There are others who make me feel like I am being interrogated and am trying to steal from them. This is a bummer, because I think Rite Aid's rebate program is way less confusing than Walgreens Register Rewards.

However, today I did venture to Rite Aid and this is what I came home with:
This set me back a little over $9, and I will be getting back $2.50 as a rebate. I would not have bought the 4th Frosted Flakes, but I wanted to order the little cereal to go cup on the box and I needed 4 "tokens" to get it FREE. I thought I might try it in Tyson's lunch.

Then I headed over to Walgreens, and for the first time, I felt like I got it. I made 4 separate transactions:

#1-$1.42 oop

#2-1.48 oop

#3-$0.63 oop

#4-$2.80 oop
For a total of $6.33 out of pocket!
I almost didn't get the toilet paper, but I wanted to use up ALL of my register rewards and I've realized that skimping on cheapie toilet paper does not really save money in the long run! There were a couple other things I could have basically got for free, but we didn't really need them, and ALMOST free, still means I have to spend money, and I really want to make sure that using coupons and all these different in store programs are actually saving us money, not causing me to spend more!

Then I went to Meijer and for the grand total of $31.74 I bought the following:

I saved almost $11 with coupons and just over $19 by purchasing things that were on sale. The only thing I did NOT have a coupon for was the parmesan cheese, but it was on sale. I tried to save money by getting my parmesan at Aldi, but I cannot get used to the flavor. I really like everything else I get at Aldi, especially there super cheap cream of chicken soup and canned veggies!

I also ran in to Target to get some bandaids. I ended up spending more than I needed too because I got all flustered and thought I needed to use up my whole gift card in one purchase, which of course I didn't! All the register rewards, rebates, and other programs have messed with my mind!

That was my shopping fun! I do need to run out to Family Fare for bread and some fresh fruit, but other than that, I am calling it good for the week.


Sarah said...

Great job Jonna. I haven't stepped foot in a store yet this week. I really want to get some deals from Rite Aid, but I'm not sure it's worth the grief. If only I could tell who was going to be working.

Kelli TenHaken said...

Congrats on your deals!

We are going to MN this weekend; we are leaving Thursday late afternoon. We can gladly take some clothes there. Let me know!

Anonymous said...

jonna mich... doin the deal thing too.. got a little chapped at target.. but gotta let it go.. young male cashiers are the way to go... they don't ask for help and don't seem to care.. my friend ordered coupons off the internet.. and i got 10 bags of 6 dollar cat food for 1 dollar each...yeah coupons.. mother outdid us both.. 63 bucks for less than a dollar, they let her use all her doubles on one order.. oh the joy... xoxo laurie