Friday, September 18, 2009

Controlling the crazy

**Update: One of my friends who also deals with "the crazy" just pointed out to me that the crazy is still at work in my life. Either that, or I can predict the future and it looks like October is going to be a great month for me!!

Since writing this post I have been busy making appointments with various doctors to try and get the crazy under control. I am happy to say that September has been a much better month than October was. So much so that I almost cancelled all the appointments I set up! (I think that is part of "the crazy"-when things start looking up you, you start forgetting how bad it was. Good thing I can just re-read what I wrote on September 1 to remember WHY I made the appointments in the first place!) I did end up canceling and appointment that I had set up with a psychiatrist, not because I don't think I'll need his services, but because I have decided to try and figure out some of my hormonal craziness first!

On September 29, I am going to be having a D & C and hysteroscopy. Why?? Honestly I don't remember all the reasons why the ob/gyn thought this would be a good idea, but I do know my other options were switching to a new type of birth control (no thanks! I've tried that already) or having a procedure that would keep me from having any more babies.

When I first set up the appointment, I was totally nonchalant about it. Now I am starting to freak myself out. I've read and heard different things about recovering from the D & C and having any type of medical procedure done is not exactly my idea of a good time. I am just hoping that the doctor will be able to figure out what is going on and have a way to "fix" me.

So I'd appreciate your prayers for a really speedy recovery and for under-control hormones!

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Victoria Haveman said...

wow, I will keep you in my prayers. I hope this gives you some relief.