Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thank you

I appreciate all the kind words and concerned phone calls I have been getting. I really am doing ok. I mean, I'm obviously not, but I'm a work in progress. I met with an ob/gyn today to talk about some different options. Some are surgical, some are not. Some would mean that Darin and I would have to decide if we want to have more children. So I have a lot of information to sort through, but feel like this guy was really listening and really wants to figure out the best way to try and fix the craziness that is my cycle, and in doing so, hopefully lesson some of the craziness that inhabits me during my cycle. I also have an appointment with a psychiatrist at the end of the month and I am really glad I am going to see him (thanks Sarah). My regular doctor is great, but he knows that he has limited knowledge in some areas and wants me to get the best help that I can.
I really do appreciate the concern, just don't feel like this needs to be the center point of conversations we have. I guess I just like to know that I can open up on here a bit and maybe even show a glimpse of some of the ugliness that is in my life. Then when I say that I am having a hard time with a particular issue, people will know what I mean by a hard time. We all struggle, but there are different areas we struggle with and our struggles do not all happen in the same way.

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Sarah said...

Hey Jonna! You can add reader #6 to your blog followers. :) I think its really great that you're willing to share this stuff - its so helpful for people living in the real world. Do with it what you will - but I've been doing some research (like internet searching in my spare time) on food and how it affects us and it shocks me. Send me an email if you're at all interested in that.