Monday, September 28, 2009

K-mart and Walgreens

I decided to get out and snag some deals before my excursion to the hospital tomorrow. I had both kids with me, so after 2 stores I was DONE. I'll be sending Darin to Rite-Aid and Meijer in the next couple days before my coupons expire.

I did not take any pics today, but will just list what I got.

Our first stop was Walgreens. I did three transactions:
#1 Vaseline Infusion lotion. I paid $5.91 oop and received $7 back in RR's.
#2 2 Theraflu cold and sinus 6 packs, 1 Robitussin to go, 1 Herbal Essence Shampoo. I spent $1.29 oop after using the $7 RR, 2 $2 off the Theraflu from the Healthy Savings booklet, and $1 off the Shampoo
#3 Bounce Dryer bar and 1 bag of gummy teddy bears (which was supposed to keep my kids happy in K-mart, but they inhaled those suckers after we had been in K-mart for less than 3 minutes.) I spent $1. 72 oop after using $4 RR from the Theraflu and would have done better if I had used the $2 RR from the Shampoo and $2.50 from the Robitussin. Oh well. I have those left for next time.

So I spent $8.92 oop and have $4.50 in RR's to spend next week. What makes these deals even sweeter is that I used the $10 I got in the mail today from my Fuel for School Rebate!!

K-mart was having double coupons this week. I bought 2 45 ounce boxes of Cascade, 1 75 ounce bottle of liquid Cascade and 1 can of Febreeze for the grand total of $8.14! I am feeling pretty good about that and I am stocked up on dish detergent for a while. I tried doing the washing soda with borax, but it left our dishes kind of gritty, so I am back to using regular old dish detergent. I did have to go back into K-mart after I had the van all loaded up because only 2 of my 3 coupons had rung up. I was NOT going to miss out on that extra $2!!

So that's that. $17.06 for both stops and $10 of that was "free money" from my rebate and I got $4.50 back for next time!

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Anonymous said...

Where do you find the energy? Good for you! Reading your posts makes me appreciate your friendship even more! Hope you are doing well and feeling back to yourself in no time. Jen E.