Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

I told Darin that I think this is the first time I have ever "labored" on Labor Day. We had a very busy day around here!

This morning, while Darin and Tyson were off filling the vending machines, I singlehandedly took down Jori's crib and moved the bed that Tyson has been using into her room. Did I mention that I did this all by myself?? Guess I am not as weak as most people think!

Here is Jori's new set-up:

She is really excited to be sleeping in her mommy's old bed and loves her quilt that my Oma made. We are just hoping that she doesn't fall out of bed tonight!!

This afternoon we headed to Walker to pick up the bed that we bought for Tyson off of Craigslist. We didn't tell him about it until he came home from vending and found out he no longer had a bed in his room. (He cried. Poor kid.) He perked right up when we told him we were going to pick up his new bed.

Here it is:

This desk is part of the set too. It fits under the loft, but we are leaving that space open for Tyson to play.
I am already wondering if we made a wise purchase. Have you ever put sheets on a loft bed?? This one was even harder to work with than my college loft.

Both kids are sleeping soundly in their beds. Even though it was a lot of work, I am glad we did it all in one day.

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Michelle B said...

The new set ups look awesome and the loft bed is great - what an awesome find! How did the kids like sleeping in their new beds?