Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kmart and Meijer

Even though I haven't been posting as much, I have still been shopping and trying to get some good deals, but just haven't been posting them for various reasons. I am looking forward to my $100 plus rebate check from Rite Aid to come in the next couple weeks. Here are a couple of my recent shopping adventures.

For some reason the picture wants to be sideways. Anyways, this was my K-mart trip. I bought bounce dryer bar, 2 midols, mascara and a frappuccino, which is a word I do not know how to spell. All these goodies are going to set me back a grand total of 52 cents. Hooray for me. I ended up signing up for the sears card after the guy told me $10 is deducted from your first bill. I just tried to stick as close to $10 as I could, so in a few weeks I SHOULD be getting a bill for 52 cents. If not, you better believe I'll be calling someone up to get it fixed! My original total, before double coupons was just above $26, so $0.52 is quite an improvement.

After Kmart, I ran to Target to get some freebies. However, the Target in Holland had been cleaned out of free stuff so I headed for Meijer. Koolaid singles, Snyder's Buffalo Hot wing pretzels, hamburger buns, dish soap, hot dogs, lunch meat, and cream cheese. I would have had 3 koolaids, but I gave one of my dollar off coupons to a lady who thought she was getting a deal buying the canisters for a buck. Oh no ma'am, the singles are FREE and that is a way better deal. I love to spread the coupon love.

I had a coupon for everything but the pretzels (which were on sale and a gift of love to my husband) and the hot dog buns, which I needed for dinner that night. I had a coupon on the dish soap AND will be getting a rebate on the dish soap for the full price! My original total was $28.68. After coupons and in store sales, I spent $13.25. The koolaids were free, and I'll be donating them to Love Inc because as of right now, my kids are still happy with drinking water and I don't want to mess with a good thing!

I think that I am going to take the advice of my friend Kara and open a separate checking account for all my couponing craziness. I want to have the money we budget for grocery and paper goods and toiletries to be in this account. I think it will make me a lot more choosy about what I buy and help keep track of how much we're really saving. Wouldn't it be awesome if I had money left over at the end of each month that could be used for some other plan??

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