Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

Tonight we had Tyson's parent teacher conference. I had been looking forward to this since the sign ups came home a few weeks ago. Who doesn't want to know how their kids are doing in school? I am thankful to report that Tyson is doing GREAT in kindergarten. His teacher, Mrs. Weiss, said he is a joy to have in class. He is right on target for where he should be this year. Mrs. Weiss did say that it wouldn't hurt to work on writing letters with him, but only if it is done in a fun way. So if anyone has good suggestions for making writing fun, I'd love to hear them!

Something that Darin and I both thought was funny was that Mrs. Weiss said Tyson is often one of the last ones finished with his work. The way she said it made it sound like he was being really careful and cautious, which was shocking to both of us. Then it came out that he likes to talk to the other kids at his table a bit too much. Now THAT made sense to us!

Darin and I are so thankful for the teacher Tyson has this year. She just has such a kind heart and seems to genuinely enjoy having him in her class. We both prayed so much about where he would go to school and whose class he would be in, and we feel confident that God has His hand on Tyson. We can't wait to see what the rest of this year holds for him.


Anonymous said...

Since you asked, I just thought I'd send you some suggestions for having Tyson practice his letters at home... things I used to tell my student's parents when they would ask. :) Writing letters in pudding or shaving cream, writing with those bathtime crayons while taking a bath, or making letters by gluing yarn/macaroni/etc. onto a paper is always fun. For example... he would probably enjoy writing his name in a collage of dry cereal or something fun like that!

Also, if you go to a teacher supply store, ask them if they have something I believe called "Wickie Sticks." I'm not positive what they're called anymore, but I used them a lot when I taught. They're so cool! It's almost like they are yarn strands dipped in wax, so you can mold them into anything and they stick to each other or to a table. You can use them over and over again and I think he would really like them- they are fun to play with. Not only can you make letters/words out of them, but you can build little 3-D creations out of them... I think him and Jori would have a lot of fun! I wish I had kept mine from when I taught... I'll probably go get a pack for Mollie at Lakeshore Learning Store. I don't know if you have that store by you, but if you do that's my favorite teacher store and I know they used to have them. Let me know if you have any other questions... hope that helps you get some ideas! :) Love you,

jonna said...

I knew I could count on you Tami!! The collage is a good idea. He loves to glue stuff.

Victoria Haveman said...

I do a lot of Tami's ideas with my girls and they are a big hit. They also love writing letters on dry erase boards, chalk, magnetic boards where you can erase. Natalie also likes to cut out letters and paste them into her name or words she knows. We also make letters out of animals, like a worm or snake as a /S/. and of course play dough with letter cards. They have a letter on a card and make the playdough into that shape.
I'm so glad you are so happy with his teacher, That is a wonderful blessing. And who wouldn't love your kids?! they rock!