Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kid Stuff

Yesterday the kids wanted me to play "Order in the Court" with them. While we were playing, Tyson kept saying "YOU are the croak" and "Croak, croak". This was one of those times where I almost didn't want to correct him because being called a "croak" is a lot funnier than being called a "crook".

When we were playing Candy Land, he kept saying "Hey, broke" to Jori. I had no clue what he meant, but then I said "Do you mean 'hey bro'?", which of course was exactly what he meant. I tried figuring out where he heard that phrase, but he didn't want to tell.

Last night Jori came out of bed to tell me "There are people at the rolling ball place", which I thought was funny because when we go for ice cream she calls it the bowling alley. After I tucked her back in she said "When are we going to have a baby?" I was actually glad she asked because (no I am not about to announce a pregnancy) lately she has been totally against ever having a baby HUMAN and would prefer if I could pop out some kittens or a baby sloth puppet named Reona, just like the one on the Big World cartoon. So asking for a baby is a positive step in my mind.

Right now the kids are playing with Jori's dollhouse. Two minutes ago Jori was threatening to throw a doll sized recliner at Tyson because he took the toddler bed. They must have worked out their differences because they seem to be getting along for now! I love seeing them play together and when Jori says "I love you brother" or Tyson says "Hey sissy, you can come sit by me" I can't help but smile and think we must be doing SOMETHING right!


Anonymous said...

Cute blog post! Your kids are so sweet and I can't wait to see them again next month! :)


Anonymous said...

You are doing lots of somethings right.. I am so proud of the wife and mom that you are.. keep on cooking, saving, loving, playing and praying.. love you jonna mich.. missed you this thanksgiving.xxo laurie