Sunday, November 8, 2009

Flip Flops in November!

So, I thought it was only possible in South Africa, but today I wore FLIP FLOPS in Michigan in November! We have had two close to perfect days. I say close, because we have an overabundance of lady bugs around our house. We spent so much time outside today. The kids and I walked down the path, saw some people flying a huge kite (or as Jori kept calling it a big flag), played in the rocks down by the water and quacked at a family of ducks.

After we came home from our walk, Darin came out to play. The kids were having fun making chalk creations. Here's what Tyson made:A big old 5 and a 2! Good job buddy. Jori needed a little help finishing her mega game of hopscotch and Daddy was happy to help out:
Finally, for your viewing pleasure, the kids and daddy play hopscotch:


Yes, that is me snorting as I laugh, but admit it, you probably snorted too as you watched!


Anonymous said...

heard the snort.. and was laughing not snorting you so.. laurie

Anonymous said...

Very fun! You and your cute family crack me up! Jen E.