Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Carols, according to Tyson

We made it back safely from MN yesterday around 1 pm. Darin emptied the van, then got right back in it to go watch the Vikings game, which wasn't being shown on basic cable. Welcome back to real life.

Tyson loved listening to all the Christmas songs on the radio, at church and at school this year. It is funny to listen to him sing the songs how he hears them. For example, "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" is now "Gloria, shall we say-o, Gloria shall we stay-o". My favorite the last line of the "Jingle Bells" chorus. I mean, riding in a one horse open sleigh is fun, but "Oh what fun it is to write in soap and sleigh" has a certain charm, don't you think?

I can't leave little, I mean "I bigguh than you" Jori out either. She has been listening to Tyson sound out words, like b-b-b ball, and now goes around saying "My name is K-k-k Juh-O-wee". Makes me laugh every time.

*Update 12/30 I forgot my most favorite thing Tyson said over Christmas. On the movie, Monsters Inc., they keep calling in a 2319 (like a police code, "we have a 2319"). My sweet Tyson kept saying "we have a twenty three whah-wheen". Seriously, it cracks me up.

Time to go finish my laundry. I know! I am totally on the ball.

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