Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Sioux Falls

We hope you all had a blessed Christmas. We've heard that those of you in the Northwest are having some weather difficulties. My parents church in Lynden didn't even have a Christmas service today because of all the crazy snow. We enjoyed a wonderful service in Edgerton, once again hearing the story of Jesus' birth.

It is about 9 pm right now, and Darin and I are in Sioux Falls. This is the first time in 7 years we have gone "away" for our anniversary. It has been great so far and we know grandma and grandpa are enjoying their time with the kids too. We went to a movie around 5, called "7 Pounds" with Will Smith. I would definitely recommend it, even to my parents! It was so good, and of course I cried. I think I will watch it again on DVD someday so that I can really get all the tears out. Sobbing in a movie theater is not so great, but I always love watching a "weeper" in the comfort of my own home!

Tomorrow we are heading to Sioux Center, Iowa for some family pictures. We'll hang out at LaShawn and Kyle's for most of the day and might even head to the pool. Saturday we have a Christmas party around noon, and then we are planning on leaving around 4 or 5 and driving for about 7 hours, then finishing the drive on Sunday. So far, it looks as though the weather will cooperate and we should have a smooth drive home. We'll see...

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Anonymous said...

Hope your trip home went well! It was great seeing you all again!