Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello New Year, Good-bye Cat!

Happy New Year everyone. I wonder how long it will take for me to remember to write 2009 on my checks? I think I was still writing 2007 into February of '08.

So, the cat. Last year, Tyson received a grey cat from Papa John and Grandma Willie. This was not a living animal (please, don't EVER give my kids a living thing as a gift!), but rather a "treasure" from our local thrift store, Love, INC. The cat was named Fluffy Pants, in honor of Papa's childhood pet. Fluffy Pants was one of those electronic cats that meowed, moved it's head and tail, purred, and even hissed if you got too rough with her.

Tyson LOVED Fluffy. He used to sleep with her and carry her around all day, talking to her, feeding her... Our family didn't mind Fluffy, but most of our guests were not so fond of the little beast. Sometimes Tyson would forget to turn Fluffy off, so she would startle the unsuspecting visitor by moving when they walked past her. I know Grandma Karen is not a fan of Fluffy Pants!

Well, several months ago, Fluffy broke her neck. I really do not know who would do such a thing to poor, defenseless Fluffy, but instead of being able to turn her head from side to side, Fluffy's noggin now hung at an odd angle. This did not change Tyson's love for Fluffy, but more people began commenting on the "ugly" cat that he played with. Then Fluffy's batteries started to give out. So now she sometimes waved her tail and purred and sometimes sounded like she needed to see a Vet, ASAP! Then one day her batteries died. Tyson still carried Fluffy around, and only asked for new batteries a couple times.

Then we went to Africa. Fluffy did not take the journey with us. When we got home, Fluffy Pants was pulled out of the toy box, and then she never moved from her spot by Daddy's chair. Day after day, I looked at that bedraggled, matted cat and wondered what I should do. Tyson seemed to have forgotten all about his faithful friend. He had moved on to a stuffed dog named "Barfy" and never looked back. So one day in early December, I picked Fluffy up, put her in a plastic bag, and stuck her in the laundry room. Tyson never noticed she was gone.

Well, today, three weeks later, Tyson asked for Fluffy. Last night he saw his friend Avery's new electronic cat, so I am sure that is what sparked his memory. Well, what was this mother to do?? Fluffy was still sitting on top of my dryer, as I hadn't had the heart to toss her yet. However, she really has seen better days. If it was just the batteries, I'd have probably never even taken her away, but the broken neck really is kind of pathetic. So, I told Tyson I wasn't sure what happened and after a few more rounds of asking for Fluffy, he let it go.

Then, about an hour ago, while Tyson and Darin were off filling the vending machines, I threw Fluffy in our garbage can. I know! I feel so mean, but I also felt like I needed to just grow-up and toss the broken cat in the trash. Did I do the right thing?


Anonymous said...

yes, you did the right thing, it was time for old fluffy pants to move on to the after-life. he won't be scarred over this (hopefully!)

John Van Schepen said...

Rescue me out of that can now. The word verification is butout and that is what I want out of that can right now. Help!!!!!!!! Who would do this to a little boy?? Let him throw me out when he is ready. I do not take up much room.

John Van Schepen said...

My 'Meowwwwww' is going to be a lot of the word verification dicables if that garbage truck starts grinding me up. If you think my name is John think again. He is way to mellow to get upset over a cat murder. Rescue me from certain death.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! I'm all about downsizing! Goodbye kitty! JRJJ

Anonymous said...

Sorry Avery's cat triggered happy, now sad memories for Tyson. I could sneak Avery's to you...I don't think she realizes that horse was hers :)

Anonymous said...

As many times as Fluffy Pants has scared me, I really don't mind not seeing it again. You really can not imagine how my heart would beat after being scared by a silly cat that lay on the floor. Sorry, John, but I don't think the cat has to be rescued from the trash can, Tyson will find another stuffed animal to hug and treasure. Maybe any other stuffed animal I would say to keep, but this one?
Love, Grandma Karen