Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Watch out Batman and Robin...

There's a new super duo in town! Introducing "Tyson Jake" and "Jori Patty"

They look pretty menacing, don't you think. Their full names are actually "Tyson Jake Pirate Superhero" and "Jori Patty Pirate Superhero". I came up with the "Patty", but everything else was all Tyson.

If only all superhero's got along so well.

My friend Amy made these capes for the kid's birthdays this past summer. They are the perfect superhero attire.

These are their scary pirate faces, although Jori is about as scary looking as a fluffy kitten. I am so thankful that Tyson and Jori have become such great playmates. Yes, I do still hear the occasional blood curdling scream, which means that someone either got a chunk of hair ripped out or was just whacked on the head with a toy phone, but for the most part they just love to be together.

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Anonymous said...

Cute new pics of the kiddos! Are you liking your new camera? JRJJ