Thursday, December 4, 2008


I apologize to anyone who happened to check out our blog earlier today. My friend Tiffany just called to ask me why I had a video of 2 men dancing on my blog, which was news to me. I had uploaded the dancing elves (or so I thought) this morning, but it never would open on our computer, so THANK YOU TIFFANY, and for anyone who happened to see the other video, sorry.

We'll be posting our Christmas letter soon. I know, I know. Last year we emailed it out, which some of you weren't so fond of and now we're posting it on out blog. Tis the season! At least I finally decided to put out some Christmas decorations today. Tyson kept saying "Jori, it's almost Christmas. Look at the snowmen in the kitchen!". I'm waiting one more year to put up a tree. Sad, but so much less stress for the mommy.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm skipping the Christmas letter altogether this year! :) You'll be getting your card soon but no letter...
The dancing elves cracked me up! Talk to you you. JRJJ

Anonymous said...

Oh and I'm glad you finally let some of the Christmas joy enter your home and that you put up SOME decorations! Good for you. :)