Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Friday!

It is a snowy and cold day here in Michigan. Brrr. So, this morning, I load the kids in the van to take Tyson to preschool, get in the drivers seat and see that the dashboard is lit up. Strange. Well, it turns out somebody didn't turn the ignition completely off yesterday, and now the battery is dead. That somebody is me. Thankfully, we just joined a carpool this week, so I called one of Tyson's classmates and they were able to come get him. I was supposed to do pick up duty today, but that's not happening. I do feel bad, but am also thankful because as I mentioned before, I do not like driving in the snow. I am glad that Tyson could still go to school this morning. He would have been so disappointed if he had missed "Teddy Bear Day".

It has been a relaxing week here at the Fey's. We have been staying pretty close to home, although I did take both kids grocery shopping on Tuesday, which wasn't a pleasant experience, but it did take up the whole afternoon. On Wednesday night I went out for dinner with Sarah and Robin, two friends who have both spent time in South Africa. It was great to reconnect with them, share memories of the time we spent in Africa, and share all the crazy emotions we've had since being home.

For the past week, I have had a hacking cough. It's loud enough that Tyson can hear me over his sound machine as he's falling asleep. I've been tired all week from losing sleep at night while I cough and cough and cough. I have been taking lots of little naps on the couch and staying in bed as long as I can in the morning. Tyson and Jori have been getting along so well this week, just when I really needed them to keep each other busy! It has been fun seeing them grow closer together. Whenever Tyson is crying, Jori is right there to say "I give you a kiss and a hug. Dat make it all better, Wight?" You are right Jori!

Tonight Darin and I have our small group Christmas party. We can't wait! We are in charge of the "Not so Newlywed" game this year. Fun times. I can't wait to pass off our garbage gift, in the white elephant gift exchange. Good times.

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Anonymous said...

I love the crossed out "garbage" line it like you see it, right?! We had a blast Friday night too - thanks for organizing the game! It truly is so good to have you guys back. :)