Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What happened while I wasted time on-line

Yeah, I am not going to hide the fact that I was being lazy when the following event occurred. I was upstairs taking a break from my most precious children, checking my email, reading random blogs, and other mindless things for about 20 minutes this afternoon. I was going to stay up there longer, but thought that I should really go downstairs, get the kids a snack, maybe play with them. You know, mom stuff.

So, I get to our main floor, hear Jori giggling, turn the corner into the kitchen and see black stuff on my floor. I knew exactly what it was. See for yourself:

Yes, my children had opened a lid that I assumed they would not be able to open and had grabbed HANDFULLS of brownie. Their messy approach to snacking left a trail of evidence on the kitchen floor. I could hear more giggling coming from the stairs. It was Jori, picking up crumbs that had fallen onto the carpet. Tyson was unable to make a sound as brownie was bulging out of his mouth. I told them to "GET UP HERE RIGHT NOW" and immediately made him spit all the brownie that was in his mouth into the garbage. He didn't seem too upset by this because he had already eaten a couple handfulls before I found out what they were doing. The pan was about 3/4 full. Earlier in the day the three of us had eaten the partial row-from that piece of edge down. The rest was scooped out by my children's grubby little hands.

That's what happens when you take the lazy path.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! I love that story...sounds like something I would've done. How can you NOT laugh about it?! :) You're kids a so silly! Gotta love 'em.