Saturday, June 26, 2010

Speaking What Is instead of What If

The other day I caught the tail end of Family Life Today. The episode I listened to was called "Walking by Faith, not by Sight" and the speaker was Jennifer Rothschild, a woman who went blind in her teens. You should be able to click here to listen to the whole broadcast. Right before I had to go in to get Tyson from VBS she said something that has been running through my head the past few days. As women who claim to walk with God, we don't speak "what if", but "what IS". Wow! Really, let it roll around in your head for a little while.

I went back and listened to the end of the broadcast today. Here are a few more of the things she shared that really resonated with me:

1. We [as women] are dominated by our feelings.
2. Fear is a legitimate feeling, but it should walk us to the place of truth, not be our final destination.
3. We should walk by faith, not by feelings
4. "What if" is the language of fear and speculation

I am totally dominated by my feelings, and fear is right up there near the top! Many nights I lay in bed for hours playing the "what if" game. I think about the things that could happen to our family, the problems that might arise because of decisions we have made, the probability that someone close to be could die soon, the possibility that I have messed up my kids beyond repair and on and on and on. I know that many of the paths my mind takes lead me to LIES straight from the devil himself.

Thankfully Ms. Rothschild did not only talk about the "what ifs" that trouble our minds, but also what IS. She said "God who called you IS faithful", which is something we all need to remember and hold on to.

Thursday night, just a few hours after I listened to this broadcast, Darin and I went to a Chris Tomlin/Toby Mac concert (which was AWESOME) and while we worshiped God, I heard more statements about what IS

1. Our God IS greater, our God IS stronger, God You ARE higher than any other
2. Our God IS healer, awesome in power
3. If our God IS for us, who could ever stop us
4. If our God IS with us, then what could stand against
5. Forever God IS faithful, forever God IS strong, forever God IS with us

And I am sure that Toby Mac spoke some truth about what IS as well, but I was too busy doing my old lady groove to notice : )

So I am working on taking my thoughts captive and not letting my life be ruled by fear. After reading through journals that go way back to my elementary school days and seeing how much of my life has been ruled by the "what ifs" I know that things may not change overnight. I will keep remembering that God who called me IS faithful and will remain so til the end.


Anonymous said...

You go girl.. I am so proud of you.. I learned that lesson a few years back.. i called it telling myself the truth.. .What is the truth from God's perspective.. how does he see us and our situation.. love youso.... laurie

retha said...

IF, we could all the time continue to live we know GOD IS there can not be a thing to interfere in our relationship with the LORD. Suppose that is why we have 'to work our salvation'

Victoria Haveman said...

Thanks for posting that. Such a a great reminder! I'm struggling very much with what if's with this pregnancy and finding that I'm almost having to go minute by minute giving it back to God. Loved the comments on fear. Fear is not what God wants for us, it totally keeps us from living the life we have at the moment and living it for God. Thanks again for the reminders!

Alyssa and Ron said...

What a fitting post for me to read tonight. I suppose there was a specific reason I didn't read this several weeks ago when you posted it. I needed it tonight. Thank you. I live the "what if's" a lot. I don't mean to but I do. Satan have lingered too long over me and I gave it up Tuesday when TJ was diagnosed with ASD. There is no room for what-ifs and fear. Only what IS and what WILL. Thank you again. What fitting timing.

Anonymous said...

You put this so well!!! Just think what we can do with our lives when we live in "what is"!
You are a great writer!! Thanks for sharing!
Stacey post