Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tyson's Last Day of Kindergarten

Today was Tyson's last day as a part time school goer. Next year he'll be in first grade, heading to school 5 days a week. Fsxzor the last 3 years I've been wishing and longing for Tyson to go to 5 full days of school. Now that it is almost here I find myself feeling sad and longing for my boy to stay little for just a bit longer.

Here are some pictures of Tyson's last day. The 2 kindergarten classes had a "tasty tidbit picnic" at lunch time. Each child was supposed to bring a favorite thing to share-enough for 10 other kids. My sweet boy chose batman fruit snacks. I must say I felt slightly embarrassed by his choice, worrying that the other moms would think I was a slacker, but another mom at Meijer helped me get over my insecurity and embrace Tyson's choice of food. Thank God for mother's who have been there!! The fruit snacks were a big hit and Tyson was so proud to tell the other kids that HE was the one who brought them.

Tyson loading up his plate

The 2 classes enjoying their tasty tidbits
Jori was SO very excited to be at Tyson's school. She said "Today is MY first day of school"
I LOVE seeing these 2 interact with each other. Tyson was so kind to his sissy today.
Coming back with seconds, or maybe even thirds : )
It started to rain, so the party moved inside. (Mom, here's the infamous root beer)
Tyson and Mrs. Weiss
We are so thankful for the year that Tyson had at Park Elementary. We felt like he was known there and loved. We are so thankful for Mrs. Weiss and all the wonderful things that she taught Tyson and for what a fun teacher she was. Tyson will miss her and so will we!

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Amy said...

Hailey is going to kindergarten in the fall and I feel like we're stepping into a whole new world. It's going to be an adjustment for all of us to have her gone 5 mornings a week, but I am excited too.