Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tyson's 6th Birthday

I can't believe my little boy is 6! Yesterday was Tyson's birthday, and according to him it was a "great day". He was thrilled to discover that the WHOLE DAY was his birthday-morning, noon and night!

He started off his special day by going to VBS-Vacation Bible School. I picked the kids up around 11:30 and we headed to McDonald's for hot fudge sundaes. Yes, they had sundaes for lunch. I felt led to indulge them after talking to my sister, Laurie. After a nutritious lunch the kids watched a couple cartoons, then they went out to play with the neighbors for a while. Tyson rode around in his jeep, rode bikes with his sissy, and just enjoyed running around. Darin came home a little early, which is always a treat.

Tyson had been patiently waiting to open his presents all day, so we decided to do that right away. Here is a video of Tyson opening his quilt:

Tyson's "wonderful" new quilt
We also gave him a new game for his Leapster and he was so happy with that as well. We let him play it in his room before bed and he thought that was super special.

The new Ratatouille game
Then, just when we thought the gift giving was done, Jori decided to shower her brother with gifts. First he got a handcrafted bookmark, made by sissy.

"Do you want somefing else?"
In this video, you will see the pile of gifts that she gave him-a bookmark, a birdhouse, a little puppy, and a few other random gifts. I finally had to put a halt to her generosity, because I was starting to worry she'd regret giving so much of her stuff away.

After opening presents, it was pizza time! Pizza was Tyson's choice for dinner. Jori wasn't done sharing with her big brother and she poured some of her pop into his cup. I wish she would have poured it ALL into his cup, because about 3 minutes later she tipped her cup over and it ended up splashing all over the floor and half way up our wall... c'est la vie! After dinner we went outside and Darin and the kids rode bike for a little while. Then we came back in, had baths, Bible story, and then let the kids have some quiet time in their rooms before bed.

Tyson Alan, I am so glad you enjoyed your special day. We love you so!!!

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Tami Schemper said...

Looks like your family has been having fun celebrating both of the kid's birthdays! Seems like he liked his new quilt too- I noticed in the video that he said right away that they were his old blankies. So cute! Happy birthday to both your little angels! Tami