Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tyson's MRI

On Wednesday morning, Tyson and I headed to the hospital for his MRI. The doctor had called in a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine to keep Tyson from being so wiggly. I was warned that I would probably have to carry him around because he'd be SO tired. Ha ha. He did yawn a couple times, but that was about it.

Here's my sweet, sleepy boy waiting for his hospital bracelet.

We found a little play area in the waiting room. Here I am getting a "thumbs up" from my boy.

In the waiting room by the MRI
This was actually taken AFTER the MRI was done. Another thumbs up!
Tyson did so well during the whole procedure. I ended up standing right next to him so I could hold his hand or touch his shoulder. I am glad I could be in there with him as he did not like how loud it was. My ear plugs kept popping out and by the time we got home, I had a terrible headache! He was so cooperative and he laid as still as a little boy with lots of energy could have possibly laid. He did have a few wiggly moments and some itches he just had to scratch, but I was so proud of him.

This morning I called the doctor's office to get the results. The good news is that there wasn't any tearing. There was some swelling around his knee, but nothing that our doctor was too concerned about. We are supposed to continue "conservative care". Do you know what "conservative care" is? No, me either, so I wasn't sure how I could continue something I didn't even know I was supposed to be doing. Basically we should be icing the knee, giving ibuprofen, using an ace bandage or brace to stabilize the knee and just try to keep Tyson from doing too much. We've done the ibuprofen, but honestly no one had said to do the other stuff and it seems like you always are told to be more cautious with how much treatment you give a person, so I've been waiting for some direction from a medical professional.

We are truly thankful that there doesn't appear to be anything seriously wrong with Tyson's knee. For now we will be keeping an eye on it and praying that it doesn't get worse!

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