Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday party 2010

We had Tyson and Jori's birthday party tonight. I am glad they still don't mind having a party together. We had three families over and a total of 7 other kids. Other than baby Reid, there were three 6 year old girls and three 3 year old boys. Funny how my kids are just the opposite of the other families as far as gender and birth. Tomorrow Jori will be leaving the ranks of the three year olds and will be turning four!!

Here are a few pictures from our night:

Thanks for my new notepad Jenna and JJ!

Argh! I can't wait to be a pirate, matey!Monsters vs. Aliens from Avery and TeoThe party is in full swing!
Check out the pirate (thanks Huismans)
No birthday would be complete without at least one round of Happy Birthday!

Here is a close up of the "cake". It was actually brownies, which make much better leftovers in my opinion!! This is a sad little cake, I know. It doesn't help that Jori stuck her finger in the red icing right before I took the picture.

It was a very fun night. Thankfully there were still lots of little frogs for the kids to collect (and take home as party favors!) and lots of space to run around. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

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