Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Day of Summer

We just had such a fun filled day, full of little adventures. Darin has to head out of town for work tonight, so we headed to Holland to say goodbye to him around 11. We hung out at Nuvar (did I ever mention that he isn't at Innotec anymore??) for about 1/2 hour talking, letting the kids run outside, and finally saying good-bye. I decided to stay away from home for as long as possible as I knew it was going to be a long night without Daddy to tire out the kids!

First we headed to The Hive, a consignment store WITH a play area for the kids. They stayed entertained the whole time I shopped, which ended up being well over an hour. After trying on 9 different tops, I came home with the following:

Plain blue top. The sleeves have elastic, which isn't my favorite, but for $3 I can handle it.

I love the color of this top and remember trying it on in a store. I was not willing to buy it at the time because it made me look like I was pregnant, but for $2, I can live with the curious stares (and no, I am NOT).
This was a little bit of a daring, or maybe dumb purchase. It is a dress with pockets, but it is knit, so it kind of clings. I worry that it will cling to my not so firm back end, but in my mind it looked so cute for a night out, so I decided to go for it. Can I wear navy-ish blue with brown sandals?? How about a jean jacket? What about a gold "coin" necklace? For $8, I'll try it out. Don't mind the white spots on the dress, they are just particles of dust that I stirred up!
So that was my shopping fun. Then I took the kids to the Salvation Army where I used to work. I had left a message for my friend Michelle that Special K was coming to sort food. That was one of our clients and apparently it gave Michelle a little scare when she received the message. Ha ha. I know, you had to be there. Anyways, the kids emptied a few boxes of tuna onto a shelf and then got into some games in the "pantry" and I got to chat with Michelle for a few minutes. Good times, good memories.

Then I called Rachel to see if she was still in Holland (we had talked earlier and I knew she was headed out that way). She was, so I took the kids to Dairy Queen for some ice cream, then we went to the outlet mall to wait for Rachel and her crew to arrive. While we were waiting, Jori spilled ice cream all over her legs and crocs. I cleaned her and she spilled again. And again. And I am pretty sure there was one more "again" too. Oh well. Then Rachel came with JJ, Reid and Auntie Becka. They had some bread, so we fed the ducks. JJ and Jori then tried kicking the ducks back into the water and played with duck poop while Tyson pushed Reid around in the stroller and told him stories. It was good fun.

After getting a tip from Rachel, we headed to the Zeeland McDonald's for customer appreciation day. They had free samples of their new frozen strawberry lemonade (yum!) and $1.99 Happy Meals and 10 piece nuggets. So we headed inside to the play land with our free samples, the kids played for about 45 minutes, then I bought them some food. The play area filled up with screaming kids (not mine for once!) and so we left around 5:30.

I heard two funny things today while we were out and about. One was from Tyson. While we were driving to the outlet mall I told him to try reading some signs on the buildings. He very excitedly told Jori "Sissy, I see Juh-Kuh Penney! It's Juh-Kuh Penney!" I did not laugh, but I did call Darin to tell him Tyson's version of JC Penney. The other funny thing was at McDonald's and it was said by a kid who must have been about 8 years old. He came back from the bathroom, walked up to his dad (who was there alone with 3 kids) and said "I just stepped in pee and my socks are all wet." I just couldn't keep myself from laughing. You should have seen the dad's face! It was so funny.

So, that was our day. The kids played outside for about 15 minutes, then they showered, got pj's on and have been watching a movie. When it's over it will be time for Bible Story, bathroom and bed. Here's to the beginning of a GREAT summer break!


retha said...

Most definitely with so many fun places to go to with the kids.

I like that colour too. If my screens shows it correctly it looks orange. Such a happy colour for summer.

jonna said...

It is kind of a coral orange, a color I used to pass right by until I found out it goes well with my blonde hair and skin tone. Always nice to have something that makes you feel lovely.

pjvs said...

Oh my thrifty daughter-proud of you and why not buy sharp clothes like those which would cost you $50 plus in a store. If I were young and skinny I would love a dress like that. I see gals with leggings and I think hmmmmm. I am wearing orange today. yep our colour. Dad got your blog in Bookmarks so finally can get it fast. This modern world. All you young gals get a new outfit this week. Hi to all of you i now thru Jonna.

Anonymous said...

I loved our adventure!