Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tyson's Quilt

Remember this??

If you knew where that little tag is from, then you are well acquainted with our boy. When Tyson was born we bought a pack of receiving blankets to swaddle him in. We soon discovered that he loved his blankies.

I am not quite sure when it began, but the tags on the blankies were soon making their way into Tyson's mouth. He would suck the tags so hard they'd come off! I'd sew them back on and when they were too worn to be safe, I'd go buy a new pack of the same blankies.

Tyson still sleeps with one special blankie, but the tag was cut of long ago. I had kept all of his other blankies and recently, with the help of some very crafty friends, I used Tyson's blankies to make him a quilt.
Top Side

Back Side
Close up of the planet fabric
This turned out to be a way bigger project than I had first planned, and without the help of Sarah, Amy, Michelle and Kara it would have never been finished (or even started for that matter!). So thank you dear friends, I appreciate it more than you know.

It is not without its flaws, but I love it and hope that Tyson will too. It is full of such precious memories of our favorite boy. I'll be giving it to him next week for his birthday, so I'll be sure to let you know.


Sarah said...

Great job Jonna! What a special gift for your little guy.

Anonymous said...

Mom thinks you should move that truck so if anyone is coming they can see them come out of the driveway!
For a mom who can not sew a straight line that quilt looks awesome. He will love it. Proud of you.

Amy said...

What a cool idea!! Such a sweet present for your boy.

Whitney said...

it look s awesome Jonna! good work!

retha said...

A lovely gift to go with him for years and years. To have friends inspiring and helping you in such a way is a gift as well.

Sarah said...

That's awesome!!

Tami Schemper said...

Wow, Jonna!! That quilt looks amazing! He is going to treasure it always- what a special gift for him. I can't imagine all the time and work that went into making it... I haven't sewn in years but you actually inspire me to make something special for my kids as well. :) What a precious gift from his mommy!

jonna said...

Thanks for all the kind words. I am excited to give him his special quilt. I'd like to make Jori a quilt too, but first I am going to try making her a dress. Thank God for my crafty friends!