Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Trip to Washington-2010

On June 27th, we started our trip to Washington. First stop, the Grand Rapids airport to see Papa John! Yes, on the same day we flew out to Washington, my dad flew in to GR. We were so happy to spend a couple hours with him at the airport before we took off.

A little after 1, Tyson, Jori and I got on the plane and took off. It was not the worst flight I've ever had, and it was not the best. I did learn that letting kids drink pop on a flight will cause their trips to the bathroom to go from excessive to extremely annoying in a very short amount of time. After arriving in WA, I learned that nothing can make a bad flight become a distant memory like seeing your mom pop out of the side door of a van when you are not expecting her to be there! Hooray for Grandma Willie and thank you to Uncle Josh for helping pull off such a fun surprise.

We spent the first few days in Lynden just hanging out. It was not the most pleasant weather, especially coming from the hot hot Midwest where we've been playing outside all day. We did manage a trip to Million Smiles Park, Edaleens ice cream, the lovely Lynden Library and a very fun trip up to Canada to go swimming! Hot tubs, water slides and diving boards, oh my! Throw in a rope swing and you are all set to have a great time, which we did. The kids loved swimming, Tyson loved being able to go on the water slide by himself (while Jori was a bit put out that she was too small to go on it at all), Gram and I enjoyed watching the kids "dive" off the diving board and we all had a great time in the kids hot tub.

Sadly I have no pictures of our first few days in Lynden. Let's just say I was settling in... read on for more!

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