Thursday, October 21, 2010

Park Pride Field Day

Well, my mom was here and now she is back home in Washington. We had a lot of wonderful times while she was here visiting. I actually remembered to haul my camera out on more than one occasion, so I have lots of pictures to share!

My mom came in late Wednesday night and on Friday, Tyson had his first "Park Pride" day at school. That morning his class also had a visit from the fire department, so needless to say, it was his "favorite day ever". When my mom and I first got to the school, Tyson didn't even notice us! He was that into what he was doing.

Waiting for his turn

Listening to instructions

In fact, it wasn't until he popped his head over the bleachers here that he saw us. He was so happy (I LOVE how happy this kid gets over the littlest things!)

Here is a video of Tyson going after the soccer ball. He always has that little tongue peeking out when he is concentrating. It was so funny watching all the kids run around. They split all the kids up so the grades are mixed together, first through fifth. The first and second graders were a bit lost, but it was neat seeing the older kids encourage them.

After the soccer game, we followed Tyson's group to the bucket brigade. All the kids were getting so wet, so it was nice that they had such a warm, sunny October day to celebrate field day! Here are some pics followed by a video of the water brigade.
See that tongue!
Team work

We are so thankful for Park Elementary School. Tyson has been making so many wonderful friends, learning so many new things and we know God is at work in this place!

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retha said...

Such a good thing when a child is happy at his school!