Thursday, October 21, 2010

More of Gram's visit

Tyson in front of EGM's art camp Art prize entry

We did a lot when my mom was here. On the first Thursday, we headed downtown to check out Art Prize. Last year, my mom was with us the one and only time we went downtown for the first ever Art Prize. This time, we had already been downtown to check out some of the art, so we knew what we wanted to show my mom and had also (mostly) figured out what else we still wanted to see. We went back to Art Prize on Saturday to see a few things we had missed the previous two times.

The big pig ( I think it's actually called the steam pig)

A pride of lions, made out of nails
My mom and the kids took a lot of walks down the path, and also made several trips to Love INC and the library. We really were blessed with wonderful weather the whole time my mom was here. I think it only rained one day! It was different having Tyson in school full time. We didn't want to do too many things during the day because he would have missed out on all the fun. Jori, my mom and I did go shopping a few times, went out to lunch, hung out with Auntie Rachel and Bud and Bernice and spent a lot of time coloring, reading and drinking coffee.

Gram painting Jori's nails
One of the best things for Tyson was having Gram bring him to the bus and pick him back up again. I went along on Monday just so I could take some pictures.
Jori riding through the leaves

Telling Gram about his day

On Monday we headed straight from the bus stop to the bowling alley. We had already gone there once for ice cream, but now Gram got to see the two kids in all their bowling glory.


 And then it was Tuesday-time to say good bye to Gram : ( First there was time for a quick game of war before Tyson had to head to the bus.
Jori didn't get to play this round. Can you tell by her face?

We love you Gram!

Jori and I took Gram to the airport around noon. It was very sad saying goodbye. I think it made me start thinking about all the other, more long term goodbyes we'll soon be saying. Jori was getting kind of teary too, so that made it extra hard for me! After we dropped my mom off we ran a few errands. Each time we went into another store Jori would say "Where's Gram?" and I'd remind her that we brought Gram to the airport. So sad.

We love you Grandma Willie. Thank you for coming and spending so much time with us and loving us so well!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time with your mom! So nice she was able to come out and visit!

retha said...

A good visit you had. I like how your the grandma is actually sitting on the floor with the kids!

jonna said...

Yes, Retha, my kids are blessed to have two grandma's that love to get right on the floor and play with them!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Aunt was so great to see her again. Hope she got your out of your funk...continue to pray and trust Him. Love you. JRJJR