Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post Family Farm 2010

We love going to the Post Family Farm. There are so many fun things for the kids to do and they make the best pumpkin donuts!! This year we bought a dozen to eat right away and another 1/2 dozen to freeze for later. Yum! Click here to read about last years visit to the farm.

Tyson and Jori both had fun riding the pumpkin train. First they rode it alone, and later they CHOSE to ride together, which was just the sweetest thing to see.

This is love

So glad they have each other

Swinging sissy
After the pumpkin train, it was time to try out the rope swing. Jumping into itchy straw is not my idea of a good time, but they were having a blast.
Tyson's turn
Then it was time to take a couple pictures with gram.
Gram and her special guy

Lovely ladies
Then we fed the animals and played on the zip line. The zip line was their absolute favorite, and I am pretty sure I didn't take any pictures of them riding on it!

We have been having such fabulous weather this October and were very thankful for a sunny day to spend at the Post Family Farm!


retha said...

Pitty 'bout the those photo's because I do not know what a zip line is.

jonna said...

Retha, sometimes a zip line is called a flying fox. It is usually a cable that is tied between two poles and a pulley that slides back and forth. The pulley has handles or a rope hanging from it so the kids can zip across the cable.