Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Party Fun

Last night we had the kids party. It was a lot of fun. We had a few neighbors over and some friends. The rain held off, other than a few little sprinkles. All the parents sat in the garage and talked while the neighbor girls took care of four 5 year olds and four 2 year olds in the back yard. Tomorrow there will be one less two year old in the group!!

We didn't take a lot of pictures. Darin was in charge of the camera, so I blame him : ) Here's one of like 3 pictures that were taken.
Here's the cake. Tyson wanted "army" and Jori wanted "princess". It is hard to see, but Jori's side has a "J" and a "3" in sprinkles and Tyson's has a "T" and a "5".

This is the end of "Happy Birthday". We sure love our birthday boy and girl!

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