Monday, June 15, 2009

Look who's THREE!

Jorin DiAnn, we have loved you from the moment we first knew about you. What a precious gift from God you are. We first met you on Father's Day of 2006 and were most surprised by your chubby cheeks and how much hair you had. It wasn't a lot, but compared to your totally bald brother, it was kind of a shock!

We had a busy first year. You had to be fast to keep up with your big brother! We loved your curly hair, your huge smile and your big belly laughs.

When you were two, we spent a couple months in Africa. You loved sharing cookies with Amos, playing with your big brother and having all sorts of new adventures.

We are so blessed to have you as our big/little girl and thank God for each giggle!

Last link of the birthday chain

Trying to pull off her birthday shirt mommy made. Three might be a long year!

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