Monday, June 1, 2009

Psalty the Singing Songbook makes a comeback.

Yes, Psalty, the big blue singing Psalter Hymnal. A couple weeks ago Tyson and Jori found a Psalty video at our church library-Kid's Praise 5! In case you don't remember, it's the one with "We're going camping now" and "I'm gonna hide God's word in my heart". When I was in first or second grade, our kid's choir at church did this little musical, so I have been singing along to those songs and many others! My kids favorite song is "Give the Glory all to God" (or "Glory of the God" as Tyson calls it), sung by Farley Mc Firefly. A couple days ago they both came running upstairs to tell me they had something to show me.

Hope you all enjoyed it!


Amy said...

My school in Indiana did Kids Praise 5 and I was one of the kids. Then I was also in the Bible Alphabet Song. I have such good memories of the musicals we did each year! I hope Hailey and Derek can be a part of one someday.

jonna said...

We did Kid's Praise at Sunny Slope. Ivan and Sue Imag were Blooper and Psalty. You should see if anyone has a copy of the video. The Worst kids were in it too.

Sarah said...

I really, really wanted to be the little girl that sang, "I cast all my cares upon you, I lay all of my burdens down at your feet and any time I don't know wha-at to do I cast all my cares upon you." I vaguely remember that I was going to sing in a Psalty musical at church and then we moved. The life of a PK.