Monday, June 8, 2009

Shopping Week 4

This morning we went to K-mart. I would normally not go to K-mart because it is out of the way, but they were having a double coupon offer, and I had read about some pretty good deals. Mistake #1: I had the kids with me. This is a BIG No-No, especially when it is getting close to lunch time. (Seriously, what was I thinking??) Mistake #2: I went to the Holland K-mart. Their customer service was not so great and once we got in line it took forever. They also overcharged me, so I had to go back into the store with my crazy children, and then when I got home I realized the bill was STILL wrong. I also lost my cell phone, and I am pretty sure some K-mart shopper has it. Just not a fun experience.

I did get a few good deals though. I spent just under $30 the first time I was in the store. I got a $3 off coupon when I checked out. Then, when I realized my bill was wrong, I went back into the store and decided to get something with my coupon. I found a $2 off coupon by the Banana Boat sunscreen (thanks to whoever left it there!) so with that doubled and the $3 off, I got a spray can of sunscreen for a dollar and some change! For the $30 I spent the first time I got another spray can of sunscreen, 2 fun hair products that I would not have normally purchased, mascara and eye liner (for Evan and Jordan's wedding!), 5 deodorants, some sunless tanning lotion, Dove soap with a free sample of sunless tanning face lotion included, some Ziploc containers, cereal, toothpaste, and shower gel. A lot of these things I wouldn't normally buy, but they were things I have wanted to get, so I feel like it was a successful shopping trip. I saved over $50!

Tonight I went shopping ALONE to Meijer. First I stopped at McDonald's and got a FREE Carmel Frappe. It was my second FREE Frappe of the day. Gotta love those McDonald's coupons! I paid $80 for all of this:

This week, Meijer is having there buy 10 get the 11th free deal. You can mix and match all sorts of different items. I bought 3 bags of pretzels, 6 cans of chicken, 2 kool-aid 6 packs, 2 pkgs plastic bowls and 1 pkg of plastic plates, 2 cake mixes and two frostings (for the birthdays next week!), 2 bags of mini marshmallows, 2 4 packs of Kings Hawaiian rolls (I actually paid $0.25 each with my coupons!), and a few other 10 for 10 items. I got 2 packs of razors for $2.50 each, 4 boxes of cereal for $5 total, and I am too tired to figure out the rest. I saved $72.67 with coupons, promotions and non-coupon savings. Not as good as last week, but I am still happy with all the stuff I was able to buy and all the money that I saved.


Sarah said...

At 1st I thought it said 24 packs of Hawaiian Rolls. I thought, they must really like those rolls. Where did you get the coupons for the rolls?

jonna said...

I think they were on coupons dot com. I had two of them and they were printed : )