Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Minnesota-Part one

On Saturday night, we returned from a very busy, but super fun, time in Minnesota. The kids and I had been gone for 2 weeks, and Darin for a little over a week. I am so glad I was able to go down early to help with some of the stuff for Evan and Jordan's wedding. Tyson and Jori had a great time going to the pool, visiting cousins and having a fun birthday party with lots of family.

I am a horrible picture taker and am hoping Daci and LaShawn post some pics soon so that I can download them to an album. For now I will just share a couple pics of Tyson and Jori the day of the wedding and my handsome husband and myself after the reception. (Most of our pics are dark and fuzzy, which is really disappointing.

Here's our beautiful princess. Thankfully my sister in law is way better at doing hair than I am!
Tyson, looking so handsome in his tux.
Darin and me after a very fun night of eating, dancing, and spending time with family.
We are so thankful we could share in such a special occasion with Evan and Jordan. I'll post a picture of them once I get a good one from someone else. I'll also post a link to an album soon of all the pictures from the wedding.

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