Friday, October 3, 2008

Water, please 10/2

Another day in SA is coming to an end. It's almost 9 pm, our new bedtime. I guess when you don't have a TV in the house to keep you up, it's much easier getting to bed on time. Tyson is usually up a little after 6, so the sooner we get to bed, the better.

Darin and I went to Mama Catherine's this morning. He worked on the shower some more and I played with the kids. All the schools are closed this week for a holiday, so there were older kids around today as well. Once again, my hair was the center of attention. I had 5 or 6 kids clustered around me, just playing with my hair. So I spent the morning holding kids on my lap and having my hair done while Darin toiled in the hot sun. It is much warmer here now. It's been over 90 the past few days. Still no rain, although we have had some thunder and lightning the past three days.

We came home around 11 and Mama Rebecca and the kids had just finished lunch. Tyson was in his bathing suit running around while Amos sprayed him with the hose. Jori wanted her suit on too, but after less than 5 minutes, she was done with the water. Tyson didn't nap again for the second time this week. I need to just be thankful he naps at all, because he was not napping at all back in Michigan.

This afternoon we started having problems with our water, as in we had no water in the house. Thankfully Amos was still here, so he showed Darin how to manually turn on the water pump to fill the “water towers”. The water came back on, so we bathed a very filthy Tyson who had been rolling in the dirt for some reason. We had dinner, washed dishes, and then the water ran out again. So Darin has been heading out in the dark trying to get us enough water to shower tonight and hopefully still have some tomorrow morning. We'll have to see if Mark has any idea about why our water is on the fritz. I am hoping this isn't going to become a regular occurrence.

Earlier tonight, Jori fell on the tile floor for the third time. She's landed on her head each time. Tyson said he pushed her off the bed when they were playing. She seems ok, but the sound of a head hitting tile is not very pleasant. Other than that, it's been a pretty quiet night. Darin and I worked on our puzzle for while. I am actually getting close to giving up on the puzzle. I am already “cheating” by looking at the letters on the backs of the pieces to see if they are the ones I need. Darin is actually figuring things out the hard way. He'll feel good about his accomplishment when it's all done, unlike me, the big cheater.

We have a quiet weekend ahead of us. I think we'll be heading back to Amos' church this Sunday. We'll make sure we go later so we hear the preaching and don't end up standing outside again for an hour. That's about all that's on our agenda. Now it's past my bedtime, so I have to end this, but I'll be back!

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