Friday, October 17, 2008

1497 10/15

What's the significance of the number 1497, you ask. Well let me tell you. Darin and I slaved away on our giant puzzle night after night. It was difficult work, putting together the “Big Five” and the surrounding landscape. I mean, the leopard was pretty easy because of the spots and all, but the rhono, elephant and cape buffalo are all pretty similar in color. It took us a lot of patient work to put our masterpiece together. However, in the end, we couldn't even complete our work. Somewhere, there are three pieces of our brand new, 1500 piece puzzle just waiting to be put in place.

THIS JUST IN: Our number of puzzle pieces put in place has just increased by one. Tyson and Darin found a piece this morning, laying outside of the “pump” room. How did it get there you ask? Our best guess is that the night we ran out of water, some puzzle pieces must have been stuck on Darin's shorts, and made their way outside when Darin was working by the water pumps. So there still is hope that we will find the other two pieces!!

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