Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blah 10/20

That sums up how I feel right now. We leave Hammanskraal in just over a week, and I am really starting to feel so down about it. My parents arrive tomorrow night, and while that makes me excited to see them, it also makes me even more sad because their arrival means our time in Africa is three weeks away from being over. So many mixed emotions. I should be packing up the things that we aren't going to use in Cape Town so that I will have more time to spend with my mom and dad, but I just can't bring myself to start packing. It just really makes me sad.

We have had such a wonderful time here. We have made so many new friends, some from this area, others who are visiting or volunteering from other countries. Our kids have formed relationships with the TYB kids, and also with lots of special grown-ups like Amos, Mama Rebecca, Derrick and Pixie, Mark and Chris, and so many others. They won't be able to grasp that when we leave here next Wednesday, we won't be able to see their friends anymore.

We have also seen so many needs here, at TYB, Mama Catherine's and in the community as well. There are things that we have been able to do to help, but other things that we wish we could do, and would be able to do if we had more time here.

We are heading back to Michigan, where we will be greeted by gloomy, overcast skies and leafless trees. Out here, we enjoy sunny days and now rainy nights that will soon make this whole area green up. We love to be surprised by different animals that appear each day. Impala, kudu, wildebeest, giraffe and so much more. When we get home, we'll be lucky if the neighbors dog stops by for a visit.

I am looking forward to seeing all of our friends and talking to our families by phone. So don't think I don't love you or miss you people. I really do. I just don't miss much of the other stuff. I am sure that once we are home, I will gladly settle back into watching TV, and eating a bowl of Lucky Charms or any of the other things we've been missing out on while we've been here, but I also know I could survive without them. I am really excited to be back at our church, although we were so blessed this past Sunday when we attended Eastside Community Church, where the Leenstra's went when they lived in SA.

Anyways, I'm just sad. So if you don't see a lot of emails or blog postings coming from me, that's the reason why. Or I suppose I could have been attacked by a rhino or some other creature, but that's not likely to be the case.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts, jonna. your heart is humble and thoughtful and wise. you will be missed there. love you, sarah

Anonymous said...

OK...well that was a downer! Come on now...MICHIGAN????? It's so exotic and fun...and the snow could be fun right??? :) Gloomy? never! I have a feeling this will be a very sunny winter! And if it makes you feel better I can try to wrangle up the pet snake at Jon's school to bring over to your house for some animal fun! Try not to get to sad during your last few weeks because you need to focus on your time there and enjoy it. We're here for you always and will be here when you get back and go through some adjustments for sure. We will still love you and we can even supply the lucky charms and an amazing race tape that will be sure to cheer you up. Love you much...JRJJ

Sarah said...

I understand far to well, Jonna. It stirs up emotions in me that still remain. Thanks for your honesty.