Friday, October 10, 2008

C-A-T 10/8

We just wanted to let everyone know that Tyson learned how to write the word CAT today. He knew how to make the T, as in Tyson, and we started working on the A a few weeks ago. I am definitely NOT cut out to be a home school teacher, so the letter A was as far as we had gone in the alphabet. This morning, Tyson's very patient daddy taught him how to make a C and next thing you know, he can write C-A-T, CAT! Great work, Tyson!

He has also been spelling words for us, which I love. I asked him to spell God and he says “God. God. Guh Ah Duh. Guh, Guh “G”. Guh Ah, Ah, “O”. Guh Ah, Duh “D”. Guh Ah Duh. God!” It's all so systematic and just makes me smile. He also likes to pick out words from the books we are reading. Of course, Jori hates to be left out so she also has to point at something on the page.
Both kids are really into magic tricks right now. Mom and dad, but especially dad, have been having fun making things disappear and then reappear in a kids' ear. Neither of them has a clue, so it is really funny to see how big their eyes get. Jori now goes around the house saying “Afri-cadabra”. How cute is that?? I think Darin said it that way one time, and it has stuck.
Just wanted to give a kiddo update, especially for the Grandma's!

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Anonymous said...

It's so funny because Jenna just wrote her first word yesterday as well. I was so impressed when she came and showed me she wrote Mom, Dad, and JJ!!! I kept the paper of course! Still no Jenna but we're working on it! Good for you Tyson on writing CAT!!! We love you...JRJJ