Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Inside House Pics

Some have asked for a few more pics of inside the house. Here you go!

Looking in from the front door, thru the kitchen, into the living room

Looking back to the front door from the living room

Looking up to the loft from the living room, our converted "puzzle room"
The kids enjoying a bath in the master bathroom
The area between the bedrooms and living room, also the access point for the lizard!


Mom Fey said...

Hey, great pictures!! Thanks for sending them our way. The pictures of the animals were great too, can't wait to show Israel when he gets back from school!
Have a great day! Love you all!

Mom Fey

Anonymous said...

Such a nice home and such wild creatures invading the space-Now those baby lions I can handle. We are getting super eager and cannot wait to hug those two little creatures. Love ya Mom What is with the strange letters that have to be typed in-usually illegible. Come on people make it simple.

Anonymous said...

Fun to catch up here again with the Fey family. Your house is GREAT! Loving your experiences.